About Church of Promise

As a church, it is our vision to spread the Christian good news actively in the Newark area through worship, proclamation and involvement in the local community.

For 1st time visitors we have prepared an outline of what to expect.


    Pursuing God's promises ... Proclaiming God's passion ... Preparing God's people ...

  ...  to see His kingdom come in Newark

This was the original Church of Promise vision statement, and although it is no longer headlines, it is by no means out of date, and still describes what we are about.
With God’s help, we are building a church of evangelical Protestant belief, as close as possible to the New Testament model, in which the Bible will be the sole authority in matters of belief and practice. Our formal Statement of faith is modelled on the Evangelical Alliance www.eauk.org basis of faith.

We invite you to join us if you have a passion for God or want to discover what it means to be part of a community of New Testament Christians. Please contact us or come to our meeting on Sunday where you will find a warm welcome!


It is our deepest desire to foster an environment where:

► Christian believers of all ages and backgrounds can meet for worship, teaching,                              encouragement, equipping, friendship and discipleship.
► All people can hear the gospel message, and see a living demonstration of its
     power to change lives.
► The presence of God can be experienced by all.
► Individuals have freedom, under the leaders' authority, to exercise their
     personal gifts, natural and spiritual, for the benefit of all.
► The Holy Spirit has freedom to do what he wants.
► Everyone plays an active role as part of the wider Christian church in
     Newark and the surrounding area.


These values are the basis of everything we do and come from the teaching in the Holy Bible.

Of course we are not perfect and don't get it right every time. With the help of the Holy Spirit,

we seek to live our lives by these principles. However, our journey is not based on rules and

regulations, but a living relationship with and love for God.

| The pursuit of holiness |  Servanthood and generosity | Integrity and transparency |
| Friendship and good relationships | Lack of structure and informality |
| A welcoming & inclusive ethos | Team work at every level  | An attitude of grace not legalism |
| Mutual encouragement | Excellence in pastoral care |


Important Safety Documentation

SAFEGUARDING: We care about everyone with whom we come into contact.  So we also conform to the public requirements to safeguard every person who comes into contact with our church family. Download Policy Statement here

FIRE HAZARD: Whilst we do not expect any fire to start in our church buildings and take care to minimise any chance of one starting, we have reviewed and recently updated our Fire Safety Policy which you can Download Here.


Leadership Team

The Church of Promise is team-led under the guidance of God and in submission to Him. The current Leadership Team comprises

Church of Promise exists as a community with everyone making a contribution. The leadership value and honour all who serve the church family and wider community.

Click Here for short Bios on our Leaders
Julie Knighton ■ Peter Smith ■ Lewis Lack 
  Margaret Steedman ■ Mandy Smith ■ Jo Stokes

Church of Promise
Church of Promise

Meeting Address

Contact Details

Tel: 075 211 70728
Email - Pastoral Matters: leaders@churchofpromise.org.uk
- General Equiry: enquiry@churchofpromise.org.uk
- Room Hire: bookings@churchofpromise.org.uk

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