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July 2021

Dr Pastor Robin Steedman (seen here with his wife, Mags) who is well known across Newark and beyond has retired from his role as Pastor of Church of Promise.  As part of our marking of his retirement, a special book cake by Sarah was made for him (see photo) celebrating his love of books and cakes! 

Our church family will miss his Bible teaching, leadership, friendship and pastoral care greatly, but recognise he and Mags have worked dilligently over the years serving the church and the local community and it is time for them to take a break and decide what God wants them to do next in their retirement.  They will continue to live in Newark close to their family.

Church of Promise will continue to be led by the Leadership Team and contact details can be found here.



February 2021

In preparation for our pastor's retirement and the associated reduction in our Leadership Team, we have sought God to lead us to appoint two more leaders to work with our church family and the local community.

We are pleased to announce that Jo Stokes and Mandy Smith have agreed to join the Leadership Team. We recognise they love God and our church family. You can also see they love dogs! We are praying that God blesses them as they work for him in these new roles.



March 2021

by Robin Steedman, a leader of the Church of Promise

We are delighted to introduce our two home group leader teams, Jonny and Sarah who lead home group I, and Mandy and Pete who lead home group II.   The home groups provide a way to build and enjoy closer relationships within our church family and learn more about living out our faith from day to day.

These currently meet on Zoom but we hope they will meet in homes or our church buildings soon.

To find out more about joining a home group, please contact us here

Church of Promise News


Fom the Leaders of the Church of Promise

As we look forward to our Christmas celebrations with some concerns under the Covid-19 cloud, we remember that Jesus came to give us hope and a new life - what He called "life in all it's fullness (John 10:10)" So what did he mean by "in all it's fullness"?

Jesus calls us to a full life in mind, body, heart and spirit but he doesn't leave us to work that out on our own. Jesus told his disciples (you and me that is) that we are also his friends if we love him and each other. If we seek and follow him as a friend rather than as a servant, we can know His Joy and Peace (John 15:15). As one of Jesus' closest friends, the writer John really knew all about Jesus love which he records for us in these chapters of his gospel.

Maybe you have struggled with the Christian church as it has appeared to be far from this ideal. At Church of Promise, we want to introduce you to Jesus personally and help you find out more about our God, who loves you and wants to draw you into a relationship with him through Jesus, His Son.

At this unusual Christmas time, come and join us on FaceBook at 10.30am every Sunday (Facebook Link) and please contact us if you want us to pray for you by messaging us there. We would love to get to know, help and bless you as our church noticeboard says "Come with us and we will do you good"

Merry Christmas and may you know God's Peace as we welcome Jesus, the Prince of Peace, again this Christmas.

We love this Christmas Lights idea and wanted to share with you one of the Newburgh town's Christmas lights designed by the local children. 



by Lewis Lack, a leader of the Church of Promise

In preparation for our pastor's retirement we have now setup a new phone line on a mobile so everyone can contact him using that instead of his personal landline.

We have also added some new email addresses so you can contact us in 3 different ways depending on why you are contacting us. : Pastoral, General or Room Hire.

So please take a look at the contact details for all the new numbers and email addresses.



by Peter Smith, a leader of the Church of Promise

We might not be meeting in our building but that does not mean we are ignoring it.

As well as grass cutting (Thanks Jo), we have also been painting some of the outside and repairing windows (Thanks Pete) which were needing our attention!

Hopefully, you can see the difference but maybe we ought to ask you to spot the differences and let us know on our FaceBook page!

If you see us outside working in the grounds during our lockdown, come and say hello - we'd love to meet you and speak to you.

You can see a photo to illustrate what we have been doing at the top of this news item.

Church of Promise News

Hobby Club launched ...

October 2019

by Lewis Lack, a leader of the Church of Promise

We realised that many people in our local community and in our wider church family links have hobbies. So how could we provide for them? One of our members suggested that we could start a monthly Hobby Club meeting and it was agreed that the best time and day would be in the afternoon after our monthly Lunch Club. So this has now become a regular activity. So what hobbies are available in the Hobby Club? ...

The simple answer is anything that the people who want to join in enjoy. You can bring your own hobbies and share them with others. You could also join in with some of the activities that are on going such as modeling, knitting, crafts, crocheting, etc. If non of these are your hobbies, don't let that stop you coming along. We would love to meet you and find out more about your hobbies. Come along and join us at
1.30pm on the 1st Thursday of the month.

You could also sign up for our Lunch Club as well which runs on the same day! 



March 2015

by Margaret Steedman, a leader of the Church of Promise

Usually 9 am phone calls to our house involve some amount of stress as it is most likely to be someone in a panic needing something now. This morning the phone went at 8.30 am, and yes, it was someone needing something we can't do within 2 hours, but then the phone rang again at 9 and it was Sarah, from a Lincolnshire church, working with Kelloggs on a 'give every child a breakfast' initiative. She had found us on the web and realised we might be able to help.

We love to help our community and one of the ways we do this is with the local Foodbank. Our church family is strongly connected to Newark Churches Together and the FoodBank is a practical way to help. Sarah said she had some boxes of cereal that are to be given away free to families... but how many could we take?!! 

She explained she was coming through Newark that same day, and could we help? I obviously said yes, and then asked if she realised Newark had a foodbank. She did, and had phoned the Newark Foodbank hotline a few minutes previously but had no reply. I assured her we could pass some on to the foodbank as the co-ordinator was a member of our church. Then I asked could I clarify the criteria because I actually work for a children's charity and could they be given away to any family? There was a moment's silence, then Sarah burst out, 'oh wow, yes, I knew you were going to be the right people. This is brilliant, just give them away to families, oh wow, how many can you take?

The End result is there are 64 crates of rice crispies and cornflakes at our house and some are already on their way to families in Newark with love from the Church of Promise! 

To find out more about this God of love, why not come and join us at 10.30am on Sunday mornings - be assured a warm friendly welcome awaits you! 


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