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Welcome to Church of Promise

UPDATE: We are delighted to announce we have now restarted our meetings at Winthorpe Road.   The prayer meeting on the evening of Monday 19th will be our first one.  On Sunday 25th we will also meet face to face for our Pastor's last service before he retires.

We will continue to make our meetings as safe as possible with social distancing, wearing a mask and using the hand sanitiser.  We ask everyone to respect others when they meet at Winthropre Road who may not want a hug yet! 

                                     We invite you to read our latest news here

Church of Promise Newark is a New Testament, spirit-filled, church ministering into the heart of Newark, Nottinghamshire.   We are a mixed group drawn together by a longing to worship God, to know Jesus Christ more deeply, and to share His love and goodness with each other and our community. A warm and friendly welcome awaits you at our meetings where we know God will bless you, and where we hope to encourage you. 

Church of Promise

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