1st Time Visitors

Here are  some notes on what to expect for our face to face meetings:

If you are visiting us for the first time, you may wonder what you will find at the main Sunday meeting and if you have children, what arrangements are there for them.  
Welcome and here is our A,B,C and D of meeting together.

Church Gathering


All together Praise and Worship

We are a family based church, part of God's global family, so this means we welcome everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. We want everyone to join in with our worship of our amazing God so the children and adults share the first 40 minutes or so of our time together - Jesus welcomed the children and so we try to follow his lead!


Bouncy kids & Youth welcome!

Our Ark and Youth of Promise Team will lead the kids and in age appropriate teaching and activities after around 30-40 minutes in adjacent rooms to the main meeting room.  There they will have fun and learn more about our great God!


Choirs singing Praise and Worship

The praise and worship time is a special time to join together as we tell God how much we love Him through singing, prayer and scripture and where the Holy Spirit may also lead some to share one of His gifts such as recoreded in the early church in 1 Corinthians Ch12. This is also a time when God's presence may become more real to you as you listen and join in. There is no pressure to sing or do anything (unless God tells you to!)


Deeper - the unexpected!

From this you may now realise that we are informal. When we meet, we desire to go deeper with God and to see Him do the unexpected - we long to share in the miraculous as God becomes more and more real. We know healing and miracles were the day to day reality for Jesus and the early church and we long for that level of intimacy with God in our day too.

Church of Promise

Come and Join us ...

Come if you want us to pray for your healing; 
Come if you want to know more about this God of love;
Come and join us in worshiping our great God;
Come and discover what it means to be part of a
Community of New Testament Christians;

Please contact us or come along to our meeting on Sunday
where you will find a warm welcome!

Church of Promise

Meeting Address

Contact Details

Tel: 075 211 70728
Email - Pastoral Matters: leaders@churchofpromise.org.uk
- General Equiry: enquiry@churchofpromise.org.uk
- Room Hire: bookings@churchofpromise.org.uk

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