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Church of Promise Leaders

Jo Stokes

Jo grew up in Newark and attended church with her parents.

Mandy Smith

Mandy was brought up in a Christian family in Yorkshire but chose to become a Christian in 1989 when prayer was the only answer left to her to save her 1 year old daughter.

She joined Church of Promise in 2008 where she met and then married Peter. Within the supportive environment of the church Mandy uses her skills as Treasurer and member of the Youth Team.

She enjoys the peace of the countryside, gardening and walking her dog Willow.

Mandy comments "The beauty surrounding me is a constant reminder of the amazing work of God's hand and gives solace in the face of trauma."

Julie Knighton

Julie is an only child, married with one son, 2 grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren. She grew up in Mansfield and lived in New Zealand for a short time until finally settling in Collingham near Newark.

She loves reading, caravanning and spending time with her family.
Julie became a follower of Jesus at the age of 40 during a traumatic period in the life of her son. Her husband became a Christian at the same time and they both worshipped at Winthorpe Road Baptist Church.

She became a leader, and then pastor of that church family and is now a leader of the new Church of Promise.

Church of Promise Leaders

Peter Smith

Born London 1962 and experienced the saving grace of Christ and became a Christian at 19. Moved to Newark in 2000 to lecture at the Newark School of Violin Making.

In his early years Peter was involved in a large Church in Liverpool and connected with the local working class people with his background from the East end of London.

Peter enjoys working with his hands and is known to make amazing violins as well as rebuilding old cars.

Married to Mandy, who is the church Treasurer, and they have four grown up children, one dog and an old cat !

Lewis Lack

Lewis was brought up in a Christian home in South Wales but made a personal decision to follow Jesus at the age of 13.  His Welsh background gave him a love of music and having learned to play the guitar at the age of 17, he has led worship ever since.  He will tell you that his love for God has grown and grown over the years and his desire to see God heal people and show them His love is stronger today than ever.  

Lewis and his family arrived in Newark in 1998 when God called them to Newark.  They joined Newark Baptist Church with their young family.

When Church of Promise was born, Lewis was asked to lead the worship on Sunday mornings which he continues to do today with the worship team. He recognises the importance of leading God's people in corporate worship to bring them to a place where God is in the centre and God can pour out His Holy Spirit on His children. 

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